Senior Naval Architect, The CSL Group

Yousef El Bagoury

Yousef El Bagoury is a Senior Naval Architect and registered Professional Engineer at The CSL Group, in Montreal, Quebec.

Yousef graduated from Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities with a B.Eng (Hons) degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, before embarking on career at sea as a Marine Engineer on refrigerated cargo vessels and cruise ships sailing up to the position of 2nd Engineer before coming ashore. Yousef started his CSL career as a Marine Systems Designer where his primary role was to seek new technologies and provide oversight to optimise CSL’s fleet. In 2014, Yousef accepted a position as  Superintendent for CSL, where he was responsible for managing several of the company’s ships, making sure that they operated at peak efficiency and complied with all environmental regulations. In January 2018, Yousef headed the development of CSL’s Innovation Research and Development team and took on the role of Naval Architect with a focus on improving safety and reducing CSL’s environmental footprint. With a focus R&D and decarbonization, Yousef has been the Technical Lead for CSL’s biofuel program since it’s inception in 2018.