MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is a global business engaged in the shipping and logistics sector. Present in 155 countries, MSC facilitates international trade between the world’s major economies, and among emerging markets across all continents.

Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, since 1978, MSC is a privately-owned organisation driven by the Aponte family. A world leader in container shipping, MSC has evolved from a one vessel operation into a globally-respected business with a fleet of 520 vessels and more than 70,000 staff.

MSC delivers goods and services to local communities, customers and international business partners. With access to an integrated global network of road, rail and sea transport resources, the company prides itself on delivering global service with local knowledge.

Through a network of 493 offices, MSC ensures that shippers can talk directly to our representatives, as well as using a variety of e-business solutions for digitalized cargo bookings. Responding to the needs of our customers, MSC is a major driving force behind the evolution of smart containers in our industry, helping to set the standards for digital shipping.

MSC calls at 500 ports on 200 trade routes, carrying some 21 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) annually, via a modern fleet, equipped with the latest green technologies.



SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 94,000 employees, we operate a network of more than 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world.

SGS marine services help your business comply with shipping regulations. Operating in most major ports around the world, we offer a comprehensive range of sample collection services, laboratory analysis and consultancy services to the maritime sector. Our solutions are effective, cost-efficient, and will help protect all stakeholders and the environment.



A historical figure of Lake Geneva since its founding in 1873, CGN (Compagnie générale de navigation sur le lac Léman) is, with its 19 boats, the largest navigation company in French-speaking Switzerland and the second largest in Switzerland. As regards mobility, it is a key player in the Lake Geneva region, notably due to its many transport links with neighbouring France.



LR started out in 1760 as the first marine classification society, and has now become one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology – improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures worldwide. In a world of increasing complexity – overloaded with data and opinion – we know that our clients need more than technology to succeed. They need an experienced hand. A partner to listen, cut through the noise and focus on what really matters to them and their customers. Our engineers and technical experts are dedicated to assurance. That means a commitment to embracing new technology and a deep rooted desire to drive better performance. So we consider our customer’s needs with diligence and empathy, then use our expertise and over 250 years’ experience to deliver the smart solution for everyone.

After all, there are some things technology can’t replace.



Aderco Sustainable Solutions established nearly 40 years ago, develops, manufactures and distributes fuel treatment products. Aderco’s products are 100% vegetal-organic, ashless and metal-free. The headquarters is located in Geneva and subsidiaries located in Singapore, London and Brussels with a strategic presence worldwide, Aderco provides rapid response logistics, technical sales and services to ensure outstanding global services to keep your vessels running.

Aderco’s environmentally friendly fuel treatment is for use in any kind of residual, hybrid or distillate fuels (including BIOFUELS, VLSFO & ULSMGO) and is designed to solve fuel-related problems before, during and after combustion. Aderco is the latest generation of fuel treatments, delivering optimum results in terms of efficiency, economy, as well as protecting the environment.



With 160 years of experience across a wide range of industries, RINA is a multinational company that helps clients build strong, successful businesses. Through a global network of 3,900 talented professionals operating out of 200 offices in 70 countries, we support market operators across the entire lifecycle of their projects, whilst assisting them in renewing their products, technologies and services.
We have been operating in the marine sector since 1861. Today we provide classification and technical advisory services to meet the challenges of designing and building ships ever more demanding in performance, safety and cutting – edge technology. Technical competence, attention to quality and focus on innovation are the pillars that allow us supporting companies to demonstrate the added value of their fleet through the use of digital technology.



Leclanché SA, headquartered in Switzerland, is a leading provider of high-quality energy storage solutions designed to accelerate our progress towards a clean energy future. Leclanché’s history and heritage are rooted in more than 100 years of battery and energy storage innovation and the company is a trusted provider of energy storage solutions worldwide. This, combined with the company’s culture of German engineering, precision and Swiss quality, makes Leclanché the partner of choice for troublemakers, established companies and governments that are at the forefront of positive changes in the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed around the world. The energy transition is driven mainly by changes in the management of our electricity grids and the electrification of transportation, and these two end markets are the backbone of our strategy and business model. Leclanché is at the heart of the convergence of transport electrification and the evolution of the distribution network. Leclanché is the only pure play energy storage company listed worldwide, organized into three business units: stationary storage solutions, e-Transport solutions and specialized battery systems.




Syroco is a scientific and technical laboratory that generates innovation through pioneering achievements. By setting goals beyond the limits imposed by current technologies, Syroco designs innovative solutions that can be applied in the industrial field, especially in maritime transportation. With efficient leverage to transfer the results of its research into the economic sphere, Syroco is helping players meet the economic and environmental challenges they face, while generating sustainable operating opportunities and a positive impact on the environment.



Cavotec is a leading cleantech company that designs and delivers connection and electrification solutions to enable the decarbonization of ports and industrial applications.
Backed by more than 40 years of experience, our systems ensure safe, efficient and sustainable operations for a wide variety of customers and applications worldwide. Our ports & maritime solutions include automated mooring, shore power, crane electrification, connection and charging systems. Our automated mooring systems and shorepower technologies are just two powerful tools in an extensive portfolio of connected quayside solutions that are helping customers meet demanding environmental targets while supercharging their port productivity.
Join us in our mission to enable decarbonization of maritime ports!


GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz)


GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz) is a technology and engineering company expert in containment systems with cryogenic membranes used to transport and store liquefied gas, in particular LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). For over 55 years, GTT has been maintaining reliable relationships with all stakeholders of the gas industry (shipyards, ship-owners, gas companies, terminal operators, classification societies). The company designs and provides technologies which combine operational efficiency and safety, to equip LNG carriers, floating terminals, and multi-gas carriers. GTT also develops solutions dedicated to the use of LNG as fuel for the vessel propulsion, land storage, as well as a full range of services.




For more than 135 years, Siemens Energy Marine has been delivering innovative electrical products, systems, solutions, and services for the efficient and reliable operation for the complete range of merchant and passenger vessels over their entire lifecycle.

Siemens Energy is the globally operating expert partner for the latest automation systems and diesel-electric as well as fully electric drive systems.

Digitalizing the marine business is creating new possibilities to increase efficiency and reduce costs while meeting up-to-date environmental regulations.


WinGD (Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd.)


WinGD is a leading developer of two-stroke low-speed gas and diesel engines used for propulsion power in merchant shipping. WinGD sets the industry standard for reliability, safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability. WinGD provides designs, training and technical support to engine manufacturers, shipbuilders, ship operators and owners worldwide. Headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, since its inception as the Sulzer Diesel Engine business in 1893, it carries on the legacy of innovation in design.

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As the industry leader, Southern Spars has an unrivalled track record and reputation for delivering sailing rigs for superyacht and racing applications. Harnessing simulation data from the powerful North Design Suite, Southern Spars is uniquely able to assess overall sailing performance for best-informed engineering and design decisions. The North Design Suite has now been expanded to include DynaRig yachts to the same level of detail and accuracy as all NTG projects. With enhanced design capability, combined with the experience of the Dyna Rig team, along with the composite manufacturing expertise of Southern Spars, DynaRig by Southern Spars offers the most accessible and commercial viable solutions for Wind Shipping available to the market today.

HATAG Maritime


HATAG Maritime is your competent partner in the marine industry’s overall effort for more cost-effective and eco-friendly shipping.
HATAG Maritime offers innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective systems and solutions for surface coatings in shipping and other marine structures above and below water.
HATAG FRF Fouling Release Film is a unique film that has been scientifically developed as the alternative to toxic antifouling paint systems.




The Swiss Shipowners Association has been created in 1942 and represents the national maritime sector, its members operating more than 90% of the Swiss fleet. This last counts more than 900 ships and ranks n°5 in Europe and n°11 in the world. Being the privileged discussion partner of Swiss authorities, especially Swiss Maritime Navigation Office, Swiss Shipowners Association is member of BIMCO and ICS – International Chamber of Shipping.


AFBE (French Association for Electric Boat)


The French Association for Electric Boat was created in 1994 in Bordeaux by partners from different professional backgrounds: academics, researchers, engineers and industrials, anxious to develop the image and the electric boat market in France and abroad.
It groups today 50 partners from France and Europe: Boats builders, solutions providers, institutions, users and passionate individuals. 

 AFBE objectives are to promote the design, construction and use of electrical boat, encourage operators and communities to equip sites and waterways in power stations, promote respect for nature, environment, air and water, establish relationships with counterpart foreign associations, and promote exchanges within the organizations.




The International Windship Association (IWSA) facilitates and promotes wind propulsion for commercial shipping worldwide and brings together all parties in the development of a wind-ship sector to shape industry and government attitudes and policies.




Established in 1983, the Propeller Club of the Port of Geneva has some 160 members, men and women, who benefit from the informal gatherings of the Club to forge new contacts and make new relationships with others involved in the world of the international carriage of goods.


ZESTAs (Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association) 


The Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association is a platform for clean technology providers and projects to speak with a united voice, creating awareness of and familiarity with the technology and design features required to transition the world fleet to zero emissions.


STSA (Swiss Trading & Shipping Association)


The Swiss Trading & Shipping Association (STSA) is a non-profit, non-political Swiss association representing companies active in commodity trading and shipping activities, trade finance and related services. Since its creation in 2014 it acts as the umbrella organisation for the sector in Switzerland, bringing together the 3 regional associations, 190 members and institutions, and over 100 professionals participating in STSA Committees and expert Working Groups.


Zero Emission Boat


The purpose of the association is to promote the design, construction and use of “zero emission” boats and to encourage local authorities and private marinas to equip their waterways with electric and/or hydropower charging stations.