Mikal Bøe

Mikal Bøe is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CORE POWER, a UK-based development company, specializing in scalable atomic power technology for ocean transport and heavy industry. In partnership with leading international corporations, CORE POWER aims to deliver durable zero-emission energy for floating industrial production and deep-sea shipping.

Bøe has three decades of experience as a senior executive from international deep-sea shipping, having served as Chief Risk Officer for both Eagle Bulk Shipping in New York and Thoresen Thai Agencies in Singapore. Mr Bøe has extensive expertise in maritime risk management, technology and finance and has a unique understanding of both the mechanics and dynamics of the challenges posed by shifting from combustion engine power to advanced atomic power at sea.

Bøe established CORE POWER in 2018 as the marine Molten Salt Reactor experts for global shipping and his expertise includes detailed knowledge of both technical and commercial vessel operation across the tankers, dry bulk and container ship industries, including vessel construction, financing, operations, chartering, maintenance, decommissioning and maritime regulations. Bøe is a native Norwegain and holds an MBA from Aston University in the UK.