Economic Affairs Officer, Trade Logistics Branch at UNCTAD

Luisa Rodriguez

Luisa Rodriguez has been working in UNCTAD for 13 years, 5 of which on trade logistics. She is a member of the team drafting UNCTAD’s annual review of maritime transport. Within this team, her area of focus is mapping and analysing trends related to the supply of maritime transport and port services and infrastructure.

She is currently responsible for 2 projects: a technical assistance project on Smart Sustainable Ports in Africa and a research project on maritime connectivity in ASEAN and Pacific SIDS. Her work also involves monitoring trends and analysis regarding transport networks & corridors, ports, transport facilitation and sustainable transport.

Prior to her experience in the field of trade logistics, she worked for 12 years conducting policy-oriented research, combined with capacity building in the fields of policy reform in services sectors, trade policy and trade negotiations. Before that she worked for 9 years for the Government of Venezuela, on different matters pertaining to trade relations and economic cooperation, and 4 years as trade negotiator to the WTO.

Luisa Rodriguez is Venezuelan. She studied international relations, has an MBA in business administration and a Masters’ degree in Environmental Governance and Policymaking.