Denis Grynzspan

Denis Grynzspan is a French National, who graduated in 2005 from “Ecole Supérieure des Technologies et des Affaires” with a Master II in Business and Technologies. He started his career in England for Alstom Power Conversion providing electrification and automation solutions for the Marine & Offshore Industry.
For 14 years and going through a couple of acquisitions (Converteam & General Electric), his customer focused approach allowed him to build a strong network around the world and to understand technical, economic, and environmental challenges faced by our industry.
In 2019, Denis created his own company DYG Energy with a goal to provide Business and Technology consultancy services as well as building up a group of companies who could deliver energy optimisation solutions based on individual ship operational profiles. Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA), headquartered in Canada, have been the first company to trust DYG Energy with a long-term partnership agreement, bringing ship electrification to another level with AKA’s high reliability power plant and Hybridisation System Integration capability.
Today, other companies like FuelSave GmbH, D-Ice Engineering SAS, ADV Propulse SAS and Zentech Inc. are working with DYG Energy to make the marine industry more sustainable and achieving IMO 2050 goals as soon as possible.
Denis lives with his wife and two children in Belfort, France. During his spare time, he enjoys riding his motorbike, watching Rugby and running.