A historical figure of Lake Geneva since its founding in 1873, CGN (Compagnie Générale de Navigation) will actively support the international Maritime Transport Efficiency Conference, which will take place on 18-19 May in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN) confirms its logistical support for the international “Maritime Transport Efficiency Conference”, which will bring together the companies involved in technological innovations and developments and the main global players in the shipping industry next spring (18-19 May) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Although located on a lake, CGN moves nearly two and a half million passengers a year on its regular lines, including one and a half million on the public transport network. The shipping company can therefore be considered an important player in “maritime” transport.

“Reducing the emissions generated by our vessels is a priority for the coming decade, and we are committed to investing in the continuous modernization of our fleet, using the best technologies available,” said Benoît Gaillard, President of CGN Group. “Bringing together so many major players in the sector in Geneva gives us the opportunity to position the Lake Geneva region as a site of excellence. Our support for this conference also serves as a reminder that lake and river passenger transport can make an important contribution to the ecological transition.”

In addition to participating in the conference, CGN will welcome the delegates from all over the world on board the steamer Simplon for an exceptional gala evening reception. “This will be a unique opportunity for the leaders of this rapidly changing industry to meet, exchange ideas and discuss the necessary transition underway,” says Bernard Schopfer, the founder of the event. 

The purpose of the Maritime Transport Efficiency Conference is to create a positive dynamic around sustainability issues, encourage developments aimed at improving the environmental balance sheet and reducing operating costs. The event will bring together stakeholders in research, innovation and technological development with the main players in the maritime transport industry, shipping companies and shipowners. 

A historical figure of Lake Geneva since its founding in 1873, CGN (Compagnie générale de navigation sur le lac Léman) is, with its 19 boats, the largest navigation company in French-speaking Switzerland and the second largest in Switzerland. “After 150 years of innovation, CGN maintains its pioneering spirit and ambition to play a central role in reducing transport emissions in the Lake Geneva region,” says Frédéric Monthoux, CGN’s Marketing and Communications Manager. “The MTE conference will enable us to exchange ideas with the leading players in the industry and to learn about and implement the best solutions to achieve our goal of perfectly clean lake transport.”