Stefan Goranov, Program Portfolio Manager Digital & Hybrid, WinGD

Stefan’s career in the Maritime Industry started 17 years ago, after graduating with an MSc in Engineering, with emphasis on Marine and Offshore Electrical Engineering. He then sailed for a number of years on various vessel types. His last position on board a 5-star cruise ship was Chief Electrical Engineering Officer. In 2009 he joined Wärtsilä Switzerland as an Automation & Control Expert. When Wärtsilä’s Two-stroke Product Development Unit was acquired by CSSC and WinGD was established, Stefan led an R&D team of engineers, responsible for the development of systems for machinery control and system integration. Presently, his focus is on efficiency optimisation of propulsion systems with Two-stroke main engines through electrification and digitalization.

In 2014 he attained a Master’s degree in Management, Technology, and Economics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich.