Information Manager, Renewable Energy, Municipality of Ærø

Halfdan Abrahamsen

Halfdan Abrahamsen holds a master’s degree from the University of Aarhus. During his studies he focused on environmental thinking and policy, but in his career, he has been mostly engaged with technical areas and solutions, both in the Danish state and now in the Municipality of Ærø.
Currently, Halfdan Abrahamsen is the Media and Information Manager at Ærø EnergyLab. Ærø EnergyLab is the renewable energy office of the Municipality of Ærø in Denmark.
The Municipality of Ærø is ambitious in its goals to become CO2-neutral and fossil free, and Ærø EnergyLab research solutions and projects that will help achieve the goals of the municipality, and it leads new projects.
The municipality’s ferry fleet is the biggest challenge in terms of becoming fossil free, but the E-ferry Ellen has demonstrated that even regional distance ferry routes can be operated with a fully electric ferry.